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    We Provide Service Across The Globe

    We offer a Global Logistics and Security Network with our worldwide offices and also high quality distribution facilities which are staffed by dedicated teams of the top of experts. We have more than 35 years of experiences in this field.


    We have the experience, the infrastructure and the global networks to get your freight moving – across continents


    We provide sophisticated supply chain solutions, from end-to-end or part solutions, warehousing and distribution


    We offer ultra-secure storage space that is more protected than your home, and more enhanced than your bank

    Quick Tracking Service

    Logistics involves managing the movement of resources. It includes transportation, packaging, warehousing, materials handling and condition management. 

    Tracking status will be displayed including the pickup date and time to delivery date and time.

    Land Transport

    1000+ Trucks in 120 Cities

    Air Freight

    120+ Aircrafts in 30 Cities

    Ocean Freight

    6000+ Containers in 20 Ports


    Cover 1,000,000 sqm.

    Land Transport

    1000+ Trucks in 120 Cities

    Miraj Shipping and Security ground’s flexible model, using only quality carriers, means you benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility, and time-definite deliveries. Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design. Through our global network of control towers and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to monitor and dynamically react to situations such as adverse weather, additional pick-ups or drop-offs, or heavy traffic, meaning that your goods are always traveling the most efficient route. Our non-asset-based road network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels.

    Air Freight

    120+ Aircrafts in 30 Cities

    As an international freight company, we offer our services all around the world and appreciate that if you are choosing us, you require prompt services. Miraj Shipping and Security understands this urgency and will strive to keep you informed every step of the way.Miraj Shipping and Security is one of the largest airfreight transportation providers in the world, offering a full and comprehensive package of premium, value-added services, and specialist products all of which are specifically tailor-made for you. Across our worldwide network, you can choose the service which best suits your needs. From New York to Shanghai and everywhere in between.

    Ocean Freight

    6000+ Containers in 20 Ports

    Our extensive and long-term relations with shipping lines mean we can provide you with access to a global carrier portfolio, covering major ports, with the best transit times, fully flexible scheduling.Miraj Shipping and Security can offer a flexible range of Ocean Freight services for both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments. These are backed by comprehensive Ocean Freight Management Services as well as Break-bulk, Project Forwarding, Partial and Full Charter Services. Miraj Shipping and Security is one of the largest ocean freight transportation providers in the world.

    Smart Warehouses

    Cover 1,000,000 sqm.

    Our warehousing solutions cater to a myriad of industries. We employ best practices for the storage of food and dairy products, light industrial goods, various retail items and fast-moving consumer goods.  As industry experts, we understand the importance of complying with the necessary regulations in place and therefore make sure our warehouse solutions follow the legislation requirements accordingly. Relying on our advanced, in-house technology department, we have been able to implement integrated solutions in our warehouse facilities that are designed to drive efficiency and ensure the safe storage and handling of all goods.

    Why choose us

    What Makes Us Different

    • Comprehensive Cargo Insurance
    • Responsive E-commerce Solutions
    • Project Logistics
    • Resilient Supply Chains
    Why customers love us

    Comprehensive Cargo Insurance

    Cargo Insurance is designed specifically to address your needs and protect the value of your cargo and cover legal liability. Cargo insurance claims are handled by a dedicated, professional team ensuring you have peace of mind when transporting your goods both domestically and internationally.As your supply chain partner offering a full suite of logistics solutions including air freight, ocean freight, and warehouse solutions, we offer all-risk cargo insurance coverage that will ensure your freight is fully covered should there be an issue throughout the transportation of your freight shipments. In the case of loss or damage, our comprehensive cargo insurance will cover the complete costs of your valuable cargo.

    Why customers love us

    Responsive E-commerce Solutions

    We are passionate about helping our clients keep their promises to their customers. Consumers are demanding now more than ever fast shipping, end-to-end product visibility, and the best customer service. That’s why having a reliable e-commerce logistics partner can help your business navigate any size of challenges, maximize supply chain efficiency, reduce shipping costs, and improve the overall customer experience.Our robust structure provides the flexibility to accelerate your business model’s growth without managing e-commerce logistics in-house. By integrating retail and e-commerce into omnichannel distribution operations, we can optimize the required infrastructure and leverage cross-channel synergies to keep your business in optimal shape.

    Why customers love us

    Project Logistics

    Our project logistics management skills allow us to design & execute multi-modal transportation and logistics solutions on a repeat basis on time and budget. Out of gauge/abnormal & heavy lift shipments including break-bulk vessel charters and part charters, Ro-Ro, “UC” mode on a container ship, barging, etc. are all included in our services.We have developed a range of niche solutions catering to the offshore industry with vessel agency, husbandry services, crew management & miscellaneous services, including bunkering, rental & procurement services. In addition to our project logistics capabilities, we are here to support your unique logistics requirements.

    Why customers love us

    Resilient Supply Chains

    We combine industry expertise and tools to help customers orchestrate their supply chain network. Our approach combines world-class tech, proven processes, and partnerships with a curated selection of established carriers to provide a single transportation source to support your business needs.When it comes to moving your freight, our experts can enhance your supply chain by providing flexible solutions, dedicated support, and end-to-end visibility. We provide tailored solutions to help your business reduce costs by decreasing your investments in equipment, software, facilities, and personnel.

    Delivering to Consumers

    We are the best when it comes to delivering direct to consumers

    With the increased popularity and convenience of online shopping, getting your products to your end customer can prove challenging. You need a fast and reliable logistics partner – this is where Miraj Shipping and Security can help. We pride ourselves on offering choice, convenience and exceptional service to our customers, with express delivery, and online tracking of parcels at all times.

    We offer our customers a range of warehouse services to match evolving requirements and to help optimize supply chain operations

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    Our Vault Service

    Enhanced security, secured docks for delivery of deposit by armored courier, video surveillance, and dual-custody processing.

    We take an alternative route to a bank system deposit box or storage unit where individuals are able to store valuables at the highest level of security. We are proud to offer ultra-secure storage space that is more protected than your home, and more enhanced than your bank.

    we are an advanced company

    Yes We Are

    • FreightDelivering a document or parcel through to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, we have the experience, the infrastructure and the global networks to get your freight moving - across towns, across countries and across continents.
    • LogisticsWe provide sophisticated supply chain solutions, from end-to-end or part solutions, warehousing and distribution to dedicated transport solutions, across the globe and to some of the most remote corners of the world.
    • Express ServicesFrom documents and parcels through to critical spare parts and medical supplies our express services are designed with our customers in mind, and offer unrivalled access to our domestic and global network.
    We are expert in many industries

    Industry Solutions

    As one of the leading providers of logistics solutions across the globe, Miraj Shipping and Security has an immense portfolio of transport and contract logistics solutions that span multiple industries.

    Aerospace & Defense

    The Aerospace & Defense industry requires innovative supply chain solutions for their unique demands.


    Our worldwide network for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics ensures your components and vehicles.

    Oil & Gas

    When it comes to managing the logistics of oil and gas, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns.

    Retail & Fashion

    Speed, flexibility, and efficiency are the key in the retail industry. That’s why numerous retailers across the globe.


    The reliable delivery of healthcare products can be lifesaving. Which is why we develop supply chain solutions.


    Logisco has an in-depth understanding of the consumer industry and offers innovative.


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      • Customer Satisfaction Tools
      • Management and Reporting
      • Real Time Monitoring
      • Insurance Protection
      • Safe Storage
      • 24/7 Service
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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Difference between air cargo and a courier service

      When using a courier service goods would not be considered as freight, but as a postal package. This is an ideal option for small, lightweight parcels requiring urgent transport. However, courier companies do not provide an integral logistics service covering aspects like customs clearance, meaning that you may find yourself faced with delays or surcharges.

      On the other hand, air freight sent by means of a logistics or forwarding company will guarantee greater security for your operation since its professional team will take care of all necessary details.

      Documents that are required for air freight

      Air Waybill (AWB): This is the document of title to the goods traveling by air and is therefore non-negotiable. It travels with the cargo and acts as evidence of delivery of the goods traveling on board the plane.

      Commercial invoice: Document establishing the conditions of sale for the goods and their specifications. Serves as proof of sale.

      Packing list: A list of the contents in a package, completing the information of the invoice, which must be issued by the sender.

      Customs clearance authorization: Document with which an importer or exporter authorizes a customs agent to submit one or several customs declarations on their behalf.

      What is multimodal freight transport?

      Multimodal transport consists of carrying a single cargo by different modes of transport (air, land, ocean…) using Inter-modal Transport Units (ITU) such as containers, semi-trailers or swap bodies (interchangeable containers).

      Kinds of goods storage facilities

      Customs Warehouse (CW): This is a space where goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time, during which duty and tax payments are suspended. Goods will only become liable for duty and tax when they leave the premises again. It is an excellent option for companies with a medium-low inventory turnover, but who need to have stock on hand.

      Warehouse Authorization Others than Customs (WAOC): Also known as a tax warehouse, this is another place where goods can be kept for an unlimited time, offering advantageous conditions for the storage of goods imported, with no need to pay VAT in advance.

      What is customs clearance?

      All formalities and requirements to be completed for goods entering and leaving a specific national territory in order to control and approve their transportation. The customs agent is responsible for completing these formalities on behalf of the importer or exporter, and for submitting a declaration of information to the competent customs authority in each case.

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      What our customers are saying about our exceptional services

      • Miraj is awesome, 100% recommend this company. 100% better service than other companies, prices are also cheaper than other companies. I had a good service from them everything came perfect awesome. I’ll do shipping with you in the future again. Keep it up your good work.

        Jonathan Cole
        CEO Of AACA CO.
      • I’ve used their services many times, ships on time, and delivers to the recipient on request without a hassle. Recommend their services. Will engage with you guys again 100% recommend Miraj Shipping service to customers.

        David Blockson
        CEO Of RapidCone LLC
      • Miraj Shipping and Security was FANTASTIC. They made the move back from Europe stress free and AFFORDABLE. Moving in Covid proved to be a nightmare but Miraj made this process stress free, safe, and professional. From being notified when my items where collected and updated throughout the process.

        Joseph Martin Hail
        Head Of Logistic Break&Fix Enterprise

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